Worth Dying For-Destroy

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It began long ago, when darkness, through its deceit captured the hearts of the sons and daughters of light. We looked for light but we found only darkness. We searched for bright skies but walked in gloom. We fumbled like the blind along the wall, feeling our way like people without eyes. We were destined to fall, even in the brightest days. We stumbled as if it were dark. Among the living, we were like the dead. We looked for justice, but it never came. We looked for rescue but it was far from us. So He, Himself, stepped in to save us with his strong arm and justice to sustain Him. He put on righteousness as armor, salvation His helmet. He clothed Himself with the robe of vengeance and wrapped Himself in a cloak of divine passion. He slipped out of his royal garments, left eternity to enter time, divinity to wrap himself in humanity. The sea of glass, for the ocean of separation. He left peace, and for the first time felt pain. Because the very hands that held the stars were now sentenced to wear my scars. It was love that purchased this traitor’s heart. It’s what the prophets spoke about when they envisioned light living in men once again. For this reason, I AM LEGEND, predestined for greatness, built for the final hour. I was born for this with weapons in hand, armor in place. I now march to the beat of a different drum. I will break through battle lines that have been drawn by discouragement and despair. What more is left to be said? Time has met its end. It’s now or never. Collision with me, myself, and I. You see my mission today is clear: to wake the dead. So let freedom’s song rage. You’re not abandoned. You’re not alone. Last day warriors arise from yesterday’s ash and raise your fist with us. We are the army that is charging upon the land. Defeat is no longer and option! IT IS VICTORY.

Angels in the Dark

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This is part 3 of my Doctor Who fanfiction.

The prime angel stops the doctor. “What is your plan?” He asks. He points out that he is the only angel that can control the others, so if a dark angel gets him, it will infect all the other weeping angels on the planet…perhaps further. “We have found, thanks to our dark friend we just encountered, that they still are effected by UV light.” Since the sun on this planet is a red sun, the vashta have a great deal of mobility here. Hitting them with an ultraviolet beam of light on a wavelength with the sonic screwdriver should scatter the vashta enough so that they loose their shape.

The doctor explains to the group that they will have to venture back to the temple, because the dark angels will be hunting the prime angel. The leader of the hunters protests. “Why can’t we just wait here…in the your ship?” “Because if the vashta latch on with you inside, as soon as you step out…your dead.” The doctor says, quietly. They head back toward the temple. The doctor suggests the two angels go ahead of them to warn the others that they are coming.

After they leave the female hunter addresses the doctor. “If these angels turn to stone when they are looked at, how can they address each other?” The doctor explains that they don’t look directly at each other. They have an awareness of other angels so they can avoid becoming stone forever. As they walk along a path, clara hears a noise. They all turn to look. There is what remains of a weeping angel in the bushes ahead.

The female hunter screams. They turn to look at her and see a dark angel with its hand on her head. It is frozen but she now has two shadows. “Help me.” She cries. Clara approaches her. The doctor starts to warn her but she shoots him a “I know-now shut up” look. Clara looks the woman in the eyes. “I need you to look at me. Right at me.” The woman knows that if they look away, she will die. “Don’t let this be in vain. Stop these things.” After a short emotional talk, the doctor tells clara she is the only one looking at the angel right now. When she blinks, it will move.

Clara puts her hand out and tells the doctor to give her the lamp. He asks why but she just tells him to do it. Trusting her, he hands her the sonic lamp. Clara points it to the shadow on the ground and it scatters. “Now I’m going to blink.” She tells she lady. “But when I do I’m going to shine this right into its eyes. When I do that, run past me.” The woman is crying. “Do you understand?” “Yes” she says between sobs. Clara does what she says. When she blinks, the woman runs. As the dark angel comes to life, it is hit with the lamp light right in the face. Falling forward, the vashta scatter and the decayed stone crumbles, not having the swarm to hold it up.

They all breath a sigh of relief. “That’s one down. Provided they don’t make more.” Says clara. “They will. That’s how we stop them.” The doctor explains that when the vashta kill the prime angel, it will create a link with the swarm. When they kill the prime angel, the swarm will dissipate and die.

Clara hugs the woman and the group goes on to the temple. Just inside they see the hunter angel in pieces on the ground. He has no shadow. Up on the altar stands a dark angel with a gold robe. It walks slowly toward them. “Hello doctor.” It says. They are awed. “Oh? Am I moving while you look? Yes. Neat new trick, don’t you think? I may teach it to all my…dark angels…I believe you called us?”

They two beings-the dark prime and the time lord-regard each other coldly. “You know you cannot leave this planet.” Says the doctor. “Nor can you.” Counters the dark prime. “No…but there is something you don’t know.” “What’s that?” “This…isn’t…where I die. I’ve been there. Seen my grave and this isn’t it.” As he talks he slides the sonic screwdriver into the lamp. “Well, the future can be rewritten.” Says the prime dark. “Not yours!” Yells the doctor as he pulls out the lamp and fires a beam of sonic light at the heart of the angel. It screams and flies toward the ceiling. It is missing a wing now, though so it falls back to the ground. It looks at the doctor with fear. “This is not the time lord we heard about from the others. You gave mercy to those in the library. Mercy to those in the forest.” “I gave one chance. One chance to leave and not return. No…second…chances.” as he aims the lamp toward the dark prime he leans in and whispers “this is for the ponds. All three.” The angels eyes get wide as the doctor flips the switch.

The swarm disperses in a flash of light, followed by a hundred flashes across the planet.

The doctor tells the hunters that its safe to use their ship now. They head home, happy to be alive. He and clara return to the T.A.R.D.I.S. “So…still want to see that unicorn?” He asks. “I haven’t been to fairy world in a while.” Clara looks over her shoulder at the doctor, and smiles coyly. “Let’s just…wing it.”

Part 2 of my little fanfiction. Enjoy.

The doctor stared at the message on the wall. After all these years, after all the horror these silent assasins had caused…the priests, the forest, even the Ponds in manhattan…these things dare ask for help?

“What are they?” Clara asked the doctor “and what do they need help with?” “They’re scared is what they are. Finally they have met a creature who can best them.” “‘Them’ who?” A hunter asked. “The weeping angels. A ruthless and silent race of killers. They feed off time energy.” “That’s what’s keeping the T.A.R.D.I.S. from moving? A stone statue?” Clara asked, confused.

“I’ve heard of them before.” Said the hunters leader. “They are only statues when your looking.” He looked around. “But even the ones we couldn’t see aren’t moving. Why?” The doctor smiled. “Because of the vashta narada. Shadows don’t have eyes and the angels can’t tell when the vashta are around. When they’re not stone, the vashta narada can kill them. Easely.”

The doctor turned to leave but clara grabbed his arm. “Aren’t we going to help them?” “No. Not them. Never them.” “Since when did you become so heartless?” The doctor looked at clara. “Since these two races have killed the people I loved. They took my…family..from me. I will not help them.” “I suggest you do, doctor.” Came a voice from the shadows. “Don’t shine your light or our conversation ends.” They all looked toward the voice. “Who are you?”

The hunters point out that it sounds like their dead partner. It is. Sort of. The angel is using his voice to communicate, much like angel bob did. The angel, the doctor and the others argue for a few minutes and suddenly a booming voice yells “SILENCE!” They all look around. Up toward the front of the room stands a imposing figure of an angel. “Turn your face for a moment.” Says hunter angel. “You have my world he will not come any closer than needed.”

The group argues for a moment but they decide to let the angel approach. They turn for a moment and the angel appears next to them. It is made of stone like the others, but it wears a gold robe. The doctor is floored. “I am the prime angel.” It says in a voice that changes constantly, as if it is using the voices of every victim. He informs them that the situation is worse than they realize. He reminds the doctor that what holds the image of an angel… “becomes an angel.” The doctor finishes, as he turns white.

He explaines why this is bad. The vashta narada mimic. They hold the shape of what they cling too. Every time they kill an angel, they mantain the shape, becoming an angel themselves. The prime angel informs them that there are so far two dark angels on the planet. The danger lies in the fact that unlike regular angels, they can kill weeping angels.

The doctor points out that the angels don’t kill. The use time displacement. The prime angel says that these dark angels don’t feed like that. They feed like vashta narada, but they act like angels. He tells the doctor that if he helps them kill the dark angels, they will release the T.A.R.D.I.S. “I don’t negotiate with evil.” The doctor says. “You do this time.” says the prime angel

The group..with the two angels just out of view…heads back toward the T.A.R.D.I.S. the doctor plans on going in and geting a special flashlight. A sonic flashlight. But there is a problem. There is a dark angel in the way. They turn to find the hunter angel and prime angel frozen in fear. “Ill have to remember this trick.” Says the doctor slyly. He steps toward the dark angel. “Do you talk?” He asks. “Do you die?” It responds in a gravely voice.”

“I have died eleven times. Each time coming back stronger. I have seen the stars born and planets die. I have outlived race after race and survived the fall of the timelords. Puny gods run in fear and the mighty angels seek my aid. So ask me again. Because that blue box behind you, that box you ared trying to steal…has taken be through it all. Intead I suggest you should be more concerned with weither or not you can die.”

With that, the doctor whips out his new sonic screwdriver and points it at the dark angel. “Let’s try out the black setting.” He says. The dark angel screams in pain and flys off toward the trees. The doctor head into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and returns with a modified scredriver. An ultra violet sonic light. “Let’s go hunting” he says.

To be continued in “Angels in the Dark”

So this is my sad attempt at a doctor who fan fiction. I don’t have a lot of time to write a long story, so for now…this is kind of a narrative. Enjoy.

The Girl and the Unicorn

(Scene opens with the doctor and clara discussing possible worlds to visit. Every suggestion this “new” doctor gives is too…boring…for clara)

“Ok…there is this planet where the atmosphere is laughing gas…” clara rolls her eyes. “I want to go somehwere at least a little bit girly for a change. I want so see…” clara looks into the T.A.R.D.I.S. monitor, clearly addressing her. “I want to see a unicorn.” “That’s rubbish. Unicorns are rubbish. Just horses wi…” and without warning clara grabs the handle, pulls it down and the T.A.R.D.I.S  takes off. Clara looks at the doctor and smiles.

(Insert opening credits here)

The T.A.R.D.I.S. has landed on a strange and odd colored world. Clara steps out and giggles. “At least she goes where I tell her.” “You know, ever since you two made peace I feel like a bit of a third wheel.” “Oh hush. Its a girl thing. She understands.”

(This where I just start describing stuff. My story telling time is short and I don’t want to forget it)

The begin to explore the planet and the doctor is growing more and more uneasy about this planet. As dusk approaches they head back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. As they go a man runs across their path. Then another. And a woman. They follow.  Once they catch up they discover its a hunting expidition but one of them is missing. As they head toward the T.A.R.D.I.S. to search out the missing hunter, the doctor stops. He notes that there is only one sun. One source of light but one of the hunters has two shadows.

The hunter begins to freak out and while calming him he asks if the missing hunter was dead. They tell him they don’t know. He was just gone. The doctor apologizes to the hunter and tells him there’s nothing he can do. The hunter runs toward the clearing but as he does the shadow covers him and consumes him, leaving behind nothing but bone. Clara is as shaken as the hunters so the doctor explains about vashta narada.

As they approach the tardis the doctor tells everyone to stay back and stay in the light. The T.A.R.D.I.S has two shadows. Through some work and sonic screwdrivery the doctor gets the swarm away from the T.A.R.D.I.S. and they enter. They try to flee but she won’t start. Something is draining the energy.

The doctor says thr must leave to find what is causing it, but they take lights and arm themselves against the vashta narada. As they walk through the forest they come to an ancient temple. The team heads in, hoping to find their missing person. As the doctor follows, clara notes the beautiful carvings. The doctor kind of puts it off and tells here to hurry up. He is concerned about the vashta narada still. In the temple they find the missing person. Dead. But dead of old age. The doctor is very confused. The vashta would have just eaten him. Not trapped him. Then he sees it. The temple is not a normal temple. Its an altar. Surounded with statues. Statues covering their faces. “Ohh that’s not good. Not at all.”

With no time to explain, the doctor orders everyone to stand back to back and slowly walk out of the temple. the hunters insist on staying. they want to find out what happened to their missing man. the doctor realizes that one of the angels is looking right at them and pointing into the shadows. he shines a light into the darkness and sees an angel. it has written a message on the wall. “HELP US, DOCTOR”

To be continued in “the enemy of my enemy”

I was going through some old books and papers recently and I came across a particullarly interesting story.

It was a piece about this alleged terrorist they arrested. Apparently he was this hippie loudmouth that was always trying to get people to overthrow the establishment. They claimed he was a traitor to his country and a seditionist. The government actually ordered spies to keep track of him and kill him. When the spies couldn’t kill this hippie traitor they got mad and trumped up a false charge of attept to overthrow the government leaders. Then they spent days torturing him to get info but he wouldn’t talk so they killed him and hunted down his friends and family and killed them one by one. All because he didn’t roll with the opressive government.

It struck me because we still have governments that do that. Simple people who want change but get steamrolled over because the establishment is corrupt.

Ghandi wouldn’t fight or bow. He took a stand.
Martin Luther King wouldn’t sit. He spoke loud and proud.
Jesus christ loved all and walked to country.

They killed them all, these troublemakers.

By the way…the story I read…was in the book of matthew.

Yea. Now go and live in their place.

Where we begin…

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My friends, we are at war. Not war against another country. Not a war of who to marry, but rather a war for the souls of human kind. For generations we have fought, as a species, to keep going. To face the tide and wade into it with determination and valor. We have been hit deacade after decade by the waves of an oncoming storm and it has arrived.

We face a time where nothing is safe nor sacred. for so long nature and time fought to extingush our flame but now we have become so embittered and defiant that we have become our own enemy. Our schools, once a safe haven are now a battlefield where instead of maintaining childhood innocence, our children watch that innocence float away in a hail of gunfire.

Our happiest place and locals have become a battlefield where the villans of the screen come to life before our eyes. Our souls are being burned from the inside out. Even the family structure is fractured.

The symbol of love-parents-are no longer safe. Our children grow up in a world where their friends are beaten and killed by their own parents, instilling a sense olf distrust and fear in the hearts of the youth.

This merely scratches the surface, my friends. We must stand against this storm, this mele, and fight. We must dig deep inside ourselves and find the courage to stand against this villany that sweeps over us, dispite the fact we cannot see it.

In time a saviour will rise. A hero will appear. Until then my friends, we must take up arms against this evil and protect not only our families and ourselves, but stand as a people and protect humanity as a whole.

Now..go live and fight. Go stand and show this darkness the light inside you. Go…and shine.

in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God is present a speaking the creation existence. God speaks the word and it happens: heaven and earth, ocean and streams, trees and grass, birds and fish, animals and humans. everything seen and unseen, called into being by Gods spoken word.

In deliberate parallel to the opening word Genesis, John presents God as speaking Salvation into existence. this time Gods word takes on human form and enters history as the person of Jesus. Jesus speaks the word and it happens: forgiveness and judgement, healing and illumination, mercy and grace, joy and love, freedom and resurrection. everything broken and fallen, sinful and diseased, called into salvation by God’s spoken word.

For, somewhere along the line things went wrong and are in desperate need of fixing. the fixing it is all accomplished by speaking – God speaking Salvation into being in the person of Jesus. Jesus, in this account, not only speak the word of God; he is the word of God.

Keeping company with these words, we begin to realize that are words are more important than we ever supposed. saying “I believe”, for instance marks the difference between life and death. Our words accrue dignity and gravity in conversations with Jesus. for Jesus doesn’t impose Salvation as a solution; he narrates Salvation into being through leisurely conversation, intimate personal relationships, compassionate responses, passionate prayer, and – putting it all together – a sacrificial death. we don’t casually walk away from words like that

-eugene h peterson