Angels in the Dark

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This is part 3 of my Doctor Who fanfiction.

The prime angel stops the doctor. “What is your plan?” He asks. He points out that he is the only angel that can control the others, so if a dark angel gets him, it will infect all the other weeping angels on the planet…perhaps further. “We have found, thanks to our dark friend we just encountered, that they still are effected by UV light.” Since the sun on this planet is a red sun, the vashta have a great deal of mobility here. Hitting them with an ultraviolet beam of light on a wavelength with the sonic screwdriver should scatter the vashta enough so that they loose their shape.

The doctor explains to the group that they will have to venture back to the temple, because the dark angels will be hunting the prime angel. The leader of the hunters protests. “Why can’t we just wait here…in the your ship?” “Because if the vashta latch on with you inside, as soon as you step out…your dead.” The doctor says, quietly. They head back toward the temple. The doctor suggests the two angels go ahead of them to warn the others that they are coming.

After they leave the female hunter addresses the doctor. “If these angels turn to stone when they are looked at, how can they address each other?” The doctor explains that they don’t look directly at each other. They have an awareness of other angels so they can avoid becoming stone forever. As they walk along a path, clara hears a noise. They all turn to look. There is what remains of a weeping angel in the bushes ahead.

The female hunter screams. They turn to look at her and see a dark angel with its hand on her head. It is frozen but she now has two shadows. “Help me.” She cries. Clara approaches her. The doctor starts to warn her but she shoots him a “I know-now shut up” look. Clara looks the woman in the eyes. “I need you to look at me. Right at me.” The woman knows that if they look away, she will die. “Don’t let this be in vain. Stop these things.” After a short emotional talk, the doctor tells clara she is the only one looking at the angel right now. When she blinks, it will move.

Clara puts her hand out and tells the doctor to give her the lamp. He asks why but she just tells him to do it. Trusting her, he hands her the sonic lamp. Clara points it to the shadow on the ground and it scatters. “Now I’m going to blink.” She tells she lady. “But when I do I’m going to shine this right into its eyes. When I do that, run past me.” The woman is crying. “Do you understand?” “Yes” she says between sobs. Clara does what she says. When she blinks, the woman runs. As the dark angel comes to life, it is hit with the lamp light right in the face. Falling forward, the vashta scatter and the decayed stone crumbles, not having the swarm to hold it up.

They all breath a sigh of relief. “That’s one down. Provided they don’t make more.” Says clara. “They will. That’s how we stop them.” The doctor explains that when the vashta kill the prime angel, it will create a link with the swarm. When they kill the prime angel, the swarm will dissipate and die.

Clara hugs the woman and the group goes on to the temple. Just inside they see the hunter angel in pieces on the ground. He has no shadow. Up on the altar stands a dark angel with a gold robe. It walks slowly toward them. “Hello doctor.” It says. They are awed. “Oh? Am I moving while you look? Yes. Neat new trick, don’t you think? I may teach it to all my…dark angels…I believe you called us?”

They two beings-the dark prime and the time lord-regard each other coldly. “You know you cannot leave this planet.” Says the doctor. “Nor can you.” Counters the dark prime. “No…but there is something you don’t know.” “What’s that?” “This…isn’t…where I die. I’ve been there. Seen my grave and this isn’t it.” As he talks he slides the sonic screwdriver into the lamp. “Well, the future can be rewritten.” Says the prime dark. “Not yours!” Yells the doctor as he pulls out the lamp and fires a beam of sonic light at the heart of the angel. It screams and flies toward the ceiling. It is missing a wing now, though so it falls back to the ground. It looks at the doctor with fear. “This is not the time lord we heard about from the others. You gave mercy to those in the library. Mercy to those in the forest.” “I gave one chance. One chance to leave and not return. No…second…chances.” as he aims the lamp toward the dark prime he leans in and whispers “this is for the ponds. All three.” The angels eyes get wide as the doctor flips the switch.

The swarm disperses in a flash of light, followed by a hundred flashes across the planet.

The doctor tells the hunters that its safe to use their ship now. They head home, happy to be alive. He and clara return to the T.A.R.D.I.S. “So…still want to see that unicorn?” He asks. “I haven’t been to fairy world in a while.” Clara looks over her shoulder at the doctor, and smiles coyly. “Let’s just…wing it.”


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