The Enemy of my Enemy

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Part 2 of my little fanfiction. Enjoy.

The doctor stared at the message on the wall. After all these years, after all the horror these silent assasins had caused…the priests, the forest, even the Ponds in manhattan…these things dare ask for help?

“What are they?” Clara asked the doctor “and what do they need help with?” “They’re scared is what they are. Finally they have met a creature who can best them.” “‘Them’ who?” A hunter asked. “The weeping angels. A ruthless and silent race of killers. They feed off time energy.” “That’s what’s keeping the T.A.R.D.I.S. from moving? A stone statue?” Clara asked, confused.

“I’ve heard of them before.” Said the hunters leader. “They are only statues when your looking.” He looked around. “But even the ones we couldn’t see aren’t moving. Why?” The doctor smiled. “Because of the vashta narada. Shadows don’t have eyes and the angels can’t tell when the vashta are around. When they’re not stone, the vashta narada can kill them. Easely.”

The doctor turned to leave but clara grabbed his arm. “Aren’t we going to help them?” “No. Not them. Never them.” “Since when did you become so heartless?” The doctor looked at clara. “Since these two races have killed the people I loved. They took my…family..from me. I will not help them.” “I suggest you do, doctor.” Came a voice from the shadows. “Don’t shine your light or our conversation ends.” They all looked toward the voice. “Who are you?”

The hunters point out that it sounds like their dead partner. It is. Sort of. The angel is using his voice to communicate, much like angel bob did. The angel, the doctor and the others argue for a few minutes and suddenly a booming voice yells “SILENCE!” They all look around. Up toward the front of the room stands a imposing figure of an angel. “Turn your face for a moment.” Says hunter angel. “You have my world he will not come any closer than needed.”

The group argues for a moment but they decide to let the angel approach. They turn for a moment and the angel appears next to them. It is made of stone like the others, but it wears a gold robe. The doctor is floored. “I am the prime angel.” It says in a voice that changes constantly, as if it is using the voices of every victim. He informs them that the situation is worse than they realize. He reminds the doctor that what holds the image of an angel… “becomes an angel.” The doctor finishes, as he turns white.

He explaines why this is bad. The vashta narada mimic. They hold the shape of what they cling too. Every time they kill an angel, they mantain the shape, becoming an angel themselves. The prime angel informs them that there are so far two dark angels on the planet. The danger lies in the fact that unlike regular angels, they can kill weeping angels.

The doctor points out that the angels don’t kill. The use time displacement. The prime angel says that these dark angels don’t feed like that. They feed like vashta narada, but they act like angels. He tells the doctor that if he helps them kill the dark angels, they will release the T.A.R.D.I.S. “I don’t negotiate with evil.” The doctor says. “You do this time.” says the prime angel

The group..with the two angels just out of view…heads back toward the T.A.R.D.I.S. the doctor plans on going in and geting a special flashlight. A sonic flashlight. But there is a problem. There is a dark angel in the way. They turn to find the hunter angel and prime angel frozen in fear. “Ill have to remember this trick.” Says the doctor slyly. He steps toward the dark angel. “Do you talk?” He asks. “Do you die?” It responds in a gravely voice.”

“I have died eleven times. Each time coming back stronger. I have seen the stars born and planets die. I have outlived race after race and survived the fall of the timelords. Puny gods run in fear and the mighty angels seek my aid. So ask me again. Because that blue box behind you, that box you ared trying to steal…has taken be through it all. Intead I suggest you should be more concerned with weither or not you can die.”

With that, the doctor whips out his new sonic screwdriver and points it at the dark angel. “Let’s try out the black setting.” He says. The dark angel screams in pain and flys off toward the trees. The doctor head into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and returns with a modified scredriver. An ultra violet sonic light. “Let’s go hunting” he says.

To be continued in “Angels in the Dark”


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