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Posted: January 25, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“We were ment to be more than this-oh and we weren’t made to fight wars like this. Somethings gone wrong. We’ve been broken. Who can fix us now-fix us now. We were made out of love not hate-oh and we weren’t ment to give up on fate. Somethings gone wrong. We’ve been broken. Who can fix us now? Fix us now!”

We are broken in every single possible way. Our spirits have been crushed and our souls jaded. Evil has infected us and dragged us down. Children are victims and criminals. Those brought up to lead us are no better than those we aim to bring down.

Our family unit is in shambles. Its not about gay vs straight anymore. Its about a loving home where parents don’t scream in front of the kids and where the home is a safehaven from the evils of the world. Its about protecting our future and maintaining our sanity.

The schools are a warzone. the day is here when we need armed security in the halls because the evil is making its way into them as well.

We have let our lives shatter like a glass that has been pushed off a counter. We have not even attempted to stop it. We have let trouble seep into our lives and our homes. It is time to grab the glue and do some damage control.

Forget gun control. Let’s start with media control. News media to be exact. When our idols are pop stars with drinking troubles and the killers are sensationalized our kids get the wrong ideas put in their heads. We just had a photographer killed while trying to get a picture of a pop star.

The priorities are skewed. They care more about ratings then the viewers. They put death, war and murder in the front of the reports and use the positive reports for fillers during the final credits. Our front pages are rife with constant negative news. We need to reverse it.

After we fix that, we need to move to equality. No one is more violent and defensive than when they are backed into a corner. Weither or not you agree with a religion, lifestyle or political stance dosent matter. We need to learn to accept the person. Many of these violent killers were cracked because they were excluded and pushed aside.

Our country is broken. Our faith is shattered and our love is empty. Its time to take back our lives and our country. Its time to rebuild the foundation of our lives and create a secure future.

Do more than live today folks-make a difference. Make a change.


War Of Change

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Life
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“It’s a truth that in love and war, World’s collide and hearts get broken, I want to live like I know I’m dying, Take up my cross, not be afraid” – TFK

I feel lately i need to step it up. i was so daring in my youth but time and broken hearts have changed that. I need to change again. I need to take a step off the ledge and trust that the outcome will be ok.

I’ve been mountain climbing, white water rafting down the mighty Colorado river. jumped from heights and gone under water. All this before the age of 21. Now, married and a father, i have lost my gall. the worst risk i take anymore is reaching my hand into  the sink to grab a knife.

I know that with fatherhood comes a degree of responsibilities but i don’t want my kids to be afraid either. i want them to be able to climb a mountain and stand on top and watch the sunrise over the desert. I want them to look back at their old man and say “he inspired me to do this and to be all i could possibly be.” and be proud. Hell, i want my wife to sleep sound a night knowing that if need be, i can take care of whatever may attack.

because they will come; attacks. and if i don’t stand up to the danger and face my fears then what am i? I have always been afraid of heights. my whole life. but at the age of 18 i face my fear, climbed a mountain and rappelled back down. I am afraid of public speaking but i have been told by so many that i could help people, if only i could overcome this fear. Fear drives us, i think. It gives us the ability to become more than what we are.

or less.

i think its up to us…up to me to stand on my feet and face my fears with courage and cahones. Test my mettle and all that jazz. 2013 will be the year of change for me. No more spineless interaction. damn the opinions and screw the fears.

“There’s a war going on inside of me tonight (don’t be afraid) Wait, it’s just about to break, its more than I can take, Everything’s about to change, I feel it in my veins, its not going away, Everything’s about to change,”