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I was going through some old books and papers recently and I came across a particullarly interesting story.

It was a piece about this alleged terrorist they arrested. Apparently he was this hippie loudmouth that was always trying to get people to overthrow the establishment. They claimed he was a traitor to his country and a seditionist. The government actually ordered spies to keep track of him and kill him. When the spies couldn’t kill this hippie traitor they got mad and trumped up a false charge of attept to overthrow the government leaders. Then they spent days torturing him to get info but he wouldn’t talk so they killed him and hunted down his friends and family and killed them one by one. All because he didn’t roll with the opressive government.

It struck me because we still have governments that do that. Simple people who want change but get steamrolled over because the establishment is corrupt.

Ghandi wouldn’t fight or bow. He took a stand.
Martin Luther King wouldn’t sit. He spoke loud and proud.
Jesus christ loved all and walked to country.

They killed them all, these troublemakers.

By the way…the story I read…was in the book of matthew.

Yea. Now go and live in their place.


Father of light (a short story)

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As he opened his eyes he realized he was dead. He turned and saw the doctors as they pronounced him. He felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw a being of light. 

“It is time, my son.” It said.
He took one last look at his body and turned toward the being.
“Lead the way.” He replied.

Before his eyes a tunnel appeared and the being led him into it. They exited into a place of bright light. Brighter than he expected it to be. The being turned to him.

“This place is very much a state of mind. Its all in how you see it.” It said, as if it had read his mind.

In an instant he realized that he was standing in a beautiful housing community. Mansions and castles lined the perfect pristine roads.

“This is everything I imagined.” He whispered. The being smiled. “Would you like a tour?” It asked. “Absolutely!” He replied.

They began to walk along the road. The being motioned to a large villa. “That is where the elightened L Ron Hubbard lives.” He was taken slightly aback. The leader of another religion. Here. Maybe there was room for everyone.

As they kept walking, it pointed more and more places out. “That’s Linda Lovelaces penthouse…the Gotti mansion…” he was about to ask for an explanation when they stood before a beautiful side street.

“What….is this place?” He asked. The being smiled. “We call cathedral square.” It motioned to a large church and said “that’s the eternal home of the Plainsburough Baptist Church.” Now he was confused. “What is that one?” He asked, pointing to another church. “That’s the Eternal Branch Davidian.” Now he was thouroghly confused. Before he could ask the being motioned to to a fantastic castle. “This, my son, if yours.” His jaw dropped. It was everything he dreamed of. His eyes moved to his nearest neighbors house.

It was a gold covered cave. “What is that!?” He exclamed. “That,” said the being “is the home home of one of our favorite members. As if on cue the inhabitant walked out. He almost fainted when he recognized the man. “Good afternoon, Mr. Bin-laden.” The being said. “What is the meaning of this!” He cried out.

As the being turned, all the illusion melted away. He realized he stood before a hidious disfigured being. It grinned “you didn’t think that a shooting spree in a elemntary school would get you anywhere else, did you?” It laughed.


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Tomorrow is the day. I never thought id make it this far. Not everyone with my condition do. not that I have some terminal disease. Its just that congenital heart defects can cut life short. My best friend died of the same thing at the age of 20 and tomorrow I turn 30.

I’m not complaining. I’m just saying…wow. life never is what you expect. Thank god.

Let’s all go live, shall we?