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Matthew 5:5 Blessed are those who are humble (or meek) for they will inheret the earth.

Humble-adj- Not proud or haughty, angry or assertive.

Meek-adj- Enduring injury withpatience and without resentment.

I find the fact that the bible can interchange “meek” and “humble” so simply says a lot for this statement. It means that to inheret the earth, you need to be both.

Back in jesus day this way almost a laughable statement. The romans and every other society that wanted to rule did it through power and force. That ment defending yourself took anger and fighting back. The idea that someone who was not angry or assertive could rule the world-HA!

That’s why the idea of a baby in a manger was so hard for them to wrap their heads around. They were looking for a warrior king. A leader on a white horse to slay the evil rulers. Instead he came as a meek baby. You see-the powerfull will fight eachother and kill eachother. Those left will be the humble and wise.

Remember that as you go about your day. Stay humble. Don’t hold a grudge and keep a cool head.

Now-go live.