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I love my kids. I feel I must start with that statement. it’s actually important. I love my kids. That being said-I cannot wait until tomorrow. Two weeks are far to long for winter break. I grow in respect for their teachers on a daily basis. How these people can go day in and day out with a whole roomful of kids is beyond me. my hair is falling out and turning grey as i type this just listening to them argue in the next room.

have I said that they are both boys? because that’s also important. boys fight differently than girls. I’m not sure how much but I know that there is a massive difference. My boys will argue and hit and wrestle and scream then…silence. not because one killed the other; they just fought it out. This is a guy thing though. my best friend of many years and I have done the same thing.

ready for a flashback?

One time, when we were in out early 20’s we were at my girlfriends house. there was a large group of us. we got rowdy and he tried to pull me down a flight of steps. we began to fight and I nailed him with my foot. right between the legs. that made the fighting worse and he punched me and got up and walked out of the house. his girlfriend ran after him and mine helped me up the stairs. he came back and punched me again and I hit him back. at that point we started laughing and everything was fine. this is what I fear for my boys in a few years.

well, that and the skanky girlfriend. if they are anything like me they will bring home at least one piece of trash. then, like my father before me, I will tell them my opinion and wait for them to realize that dad is right. 🙂 I know…dream on dad.

my point is, having kids is as much fun as  having friends. it can be a stress but a blessing at the same time. thank God I have a partner in my insanity. it DID take two to tango after all.

so to all the teachers out there…thank you. thank you for teaching my kids the things i have forgotten since graduation. Thank you for giving us that small reprieve during the day, if only to collect our thoughts and dirty clothes. and thank you for the willingness to do these things.

now, go live.