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I was going through some old books and papers recently and I came across a particullarly interesting story.

It was a piece about this alleged terrorist they arrested. Apparently he was this hippie loudmouth that was always trying to get people to overthrow the establishment. They claimed he was a traitor to his country and a seditionist. The government actually ordered spies to keep track of him and kill him. When the spies couldn’t kill this hippie traitor they got mad and trumped up a false charge of attept to overthrow the government leaders. Then they spent days torturing him to get info but he wouldn’t talk so they killed him and hunted down his friends and family and killed them one by one. All because he didn’t roll with the opressive government.

It struck me because we still have governments that do that. Simple people who want change but get steamrolled over because the establishment is corrupt.

Ghandi wouldn’t fight or bow. He took a stand.
Martin Luther King wouldn’t sit. He spoke loud and proud.
Jesus christ loved all and walked to country.

They killed them all, these troublemakers.

By the way…the story I read…was in the book of matthew.

Yea. Now go and live in their place.