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Where we begin…

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Uncategorized
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My friends, we are at war. Not war against another country. Not a war of who to marry, but rather a war for the souls of human kind. For generations we have fought, as a species, to keep going. To face the tide and wade into it with determination and valor. We have been hit deacade after decade by the waves of an oncoming storm and it has arrived.

We face a time where nothing is safe nor sacred. for so long nature and time fought to extingush our flame but now we have become so embittered and defiant that we have become our own enemy. Our schools, once a safe haven are now a battlefield where instead of maintaining childhood innocence, our children watch that innocence float away in a hail of gunfire.

Our happiest place and locals have become a battlefield where the villans of the screen come to life before our eyes. Our souls are being burned from the inside out. Even the family structure is fractured.

The symbol of love-parents-are no longer safe. Our children grow up in a world where their friends are beaten and killed by their own parents, instilling a sense olf distrust and fear in the hearts of the youth.

This merely scratches the surface, my friends. We must stand against this storm, this mele, and fight. We must dig deep inside ourselves and find the courage to stand against this villany that sweeps over us, dispite the fact we cannot see it.

In time a saviour will rise. A hero will appear. Until then my friends, we must take up arms against this evil and protect not only our families and ourselves, but stand as a people and protect humanity as a whole.

Now..go live and fight. Go stand and show this darkness the light inside you. Go…and shine.


The living.

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Life
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Do you exist? Seems like a silly question, I know. Silly or not it, it provokes thought. Let me explain.

Some people exist. That’s all. The go about their bussiness and take up space. They can merely be defined as “existing”. On the flip side, some people live. They do things worth the blood in their veins. They show the world that they are alive.

You see, everyone has a voice. Some voices are like whispers and get lost in the wind. Never heard or cared about. They exist and that’s it. Then their are the voices that can’t help but be heard. I don’t even need to explain those voices because you knew what I meant as soon as I said it.

Everyone needs their voice to be heard. Somewhere is a young girl. She is in her mid teens. Just an average kid. She goes to school and gets teased. She writes in her diary and on her facebook about it. She would never dream of shooting anyone but she cuts. Her arms and legs and tries to dull the pain. Her voice is but a whisper and her silent cries get lost in the sea of humanity.

Dramatic, I know, but no less true. Those that choose to live must help those that merely exist how to live. As I sit here writing and drinking my coffee I can’t help but wonder…am I living? Or do I simply pound away at mere existance. I would like to think my voice is heard and in return I have heard a whisper that saved the life of the one who spoke it.

Now, go live.