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Personal demons

Posted: January 12, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Maybe today…you can put the past away.

I have become more and more aware of my demons lately. My addictions and fears and faults. I have done everything I can think of to stop them. Give in, fight, ignore, talk…nothing works.

Today is different. I have never really listened to the words of “jumper” before but standing here at work, they sank in. I’m not alone in this. We all have demons we must face. Its part of life. We can’t ignore them or give in-we must face them. I must look addiction in the eye and say “YOU DON’T OWN ME!” I am in charge. No more giving into the flesh.

I’m through. I will not run anymore. As I write this I remember a line from ‘star trek: first contact’

“They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate countless worlds and we fall back. The line must be drawn here! This far-no farther!”

I draw the line. Addiction has assimilated my world and I say no further! It ends now. I will be the bain to fears existance. Addiction will be hooked on the pain I bring it and fear will tremble with itself at the sight of my shadow.

Call me dramatic but the time for light words is over. I hearby declare war on everything negative and destructive.


I’m coming for you, boys. Better be ready cuz I’m packin heat. “I’ve got a weapon with two bullets that overcome all fear and crud. One bullet is called the word of my testemony…the other ones called the blood.”

Now…go live!