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I was going through some old books and papers recently and I came across a particullarly interesting story.

It was a piece about this alleged terrorist they arrested. Apparently he was this hippie loudmouth that was always trying to get people to overthrow the establishment. They claimed he was a traitor to his country and a seditionist. The government actually ordered spies to keep track of him and kill him. When the spies couldn’t kill this hippie traitor they got mad and trumped up a false charge of attept to overthrow the government leaders. Then they spent days torturing him to get info but he wouldn’t talk so they killed him and hunted down his friends and family and killed them one by one. All because he didn’t roll with the opressive government.

It struck me because we still have governments that do that. Simple people who want change but get steamrolled over because the establishment is corrupt.

Ghandi wouldn’t fight or bow. He took a stand.
Martin Luther King wouldn’t sit. He spoke loud and proud.
Jesus christ loved all and walked to country.

They killed them all, these troublemakers.

By the way…the story I read…was in the book of matthew.

Yea. Now go and live in their place.


Where we begin…

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My friends, we are at war. Not war against another country. Not a war of who to marry, but rather a war for the souls of human kind. For generations we have fought, as a species, to keep going. To face the tide and wade into it with determination and valor. We have been hit deacade after decade by the waves of an oncoming storm and it has arrived.

We face a time where nothing is safe nor sacred. for so long nature and time fought to extingush our flame but now we have become so embittered and defiant that we have become our own enemy. Our schools, once a safe haven are now a battlefield where instead of maintaining childhood innocence, our children watch that innocence float away in a hail of gunfire.

Our happiest place and locals have become a battlefield where the villans of the screen come to life before our eyes. Our souls are being burned from the inside out. Even the family structure is fractured.

The symbol of love-parents-are no longer safe. Our children grow up in a world where their friends are beaten and killed by their own parents, instilling a sense olf distrust and fear in the hearts of the youth.

This merely scratches the surface, my friends. We must stand against this storm, this mele, and fight. We must dig deep inside ourselves and find the courage to stand against this villany that sweeps over us, dispite the fact we cannot see it.

In time a saviour will rise. A hero will appear. Until then my friends, we must take up arms against this evil and protect not only our families and ourselves, but stand as a people and protect humanity as a whole.

Now..go live and fight. Go stand and show this darkness the light inside you. Go…and shine.

in Genesis, the first book of the Bible, God is present a speaking the creation existence. God speaks the word and it happens: heaven and earth, ocean and streams, trees and grass, birds and fish, animals and humans. everything seen and unseen, called into being by Gods spoken word.

In deliberate parallel to the opening word Genesis, John presents God as speaking Salvation into existence. this time Gods word takes on human form and enters history as the person of Jesus. Jesus speaks the word and it happens: forgiveness and judgement, healing and illumination, mercy and grace, joy and love, freedom and resurrection. everything broken and fallen, sinful and diseased, called into salvation by God’s spoken word.

For, somewhere along the line things went wrong and are in desperate need of fixing. the fixing it is all accomplished by speaking – God speaking Salvation into being in the person of Jesus. Jesus, in this account, not only speak the word of God; he is the word of God.

Keeping company with these words, we begin to realize that are words are more important than we ever supposed. saying “I believe”, for instance marks the difference between life and death. Our words accrue dignity and gravity in conversations with Jesus. for Jesus doesn’t impose Salvation as a solution; he narrates Salvation into being through leisurely conversation, intimate personal relationships, compassionate responses, passionate prayer, and – putting it all together – a sacrificial death. we don’t casually walk away from words like that

-eugene h peterson

a quickie

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Just a quickie for the day….

I’m here at work and it occurs to me that the saying “are you a man or a mouse?” Is rather inacurate. Watching people go about their daily lives and routines it seems to me that people are more like ants.

They wander around in a daze…doing the same thing day in and day out. If you throw a wrench into their routine they go nuts. They loose their minds and have no clue what to do.  Mice are at least smart enough to go around an obsitcal. Ants (and people) just stop and stare going “wtf?! Now what? I am so lost!”

With that in mind…go live like a mouse (observant and spry and roll with the punches) instead of an ant.


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Tomorrow is the day. I never thought id make it this far. Not everyone with my condition do. not that I have some terminal disease. Its just that congenital heart defects can cut life short. My best friend died of the same thing at the age of 20 and tomorrow I turn 30.

I’m not complaining. I’m just saying…wow. life never is what you expect. Thank god.

Let’s all go live, shall we?

Little mary had a lamb
Who’s fleece was black as night
When mary went out with her lamb
Folks said it isn’t right

Jackie horner in the corner
With little boy blue
Mother hubbard had a cupboard
Where her ganja grew

Were dreaming of a fairy tale land
Where everyone is happy and things are right
Were not in a fairy tale world
We lock our doors up every night

Jack and jill went up that hill
Now jack is doing time
Jill is in the hospital
But the babys doing fine

All the kings and princes
Are screaming gun control
Oblivious that in the woods
Lies hansel and gretel

Were dreaming of a fairy tale world
Where everyone is happy and things are right
Were not in a fairy tale world
We lock our doors up every night

Were dreaming of a legendary land
Where everyone is nice and life is grand
But our kids hold eachother tight
Playing hide and seek with an evil man

What’s heppend to our stories?
What have we become?
It used to be immorality
Was driving fast and chewing gum.

Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Mourn:V-To feel sad at the death of someone or to show ones sadness though a traditional act of sorrow for the dead.

Even though this verse is short and may seem simple, It is full of meaning. Mourning is a state of pain and sadness. When a child falls and hurts themselves or discovers the death of a loved pet, they go to the person in their life who, in their mind, can ease their pain: Their parents.

When my son hits his head or falls and scrapes his leg he cries and comes running to my wife or me. Our comfort eases his pain. Now, in all reality we have done nothing physically to cause the pain to cease, but the feeling of sympathy, safety and security eases his pain none the less.

When we loose a loved one to death or experience a break in a relationship we begin to mourn. The fact that Jesus used this term says a lot. You can mourn the loss of a pet or a loved one but no matter how strong the pain, God is always there to comfort you.

Just as a child runs to their parents, so we can run to God. He is our heavenly father. If a hug or a kiss from us can ease a child’s pain, how much greater is the power of God to ease our pain? Luke 5:31 says “Jesus answered them (the Pharisees) ‘It is the sick who need a doctor, not those who are in good health'”Jesus was called the great physician, not just because he healed the body, but the spirit too too. All we need to do is come before him.

now…go and live-happy.