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Matthew 5:4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Mourn:V-To feel sad at the death of someone or to show ones sadness though a traditional act of sorrow for the dead.

Even though this verse is short and may seem simple, It is full of meaning. Mourning is a state of pain and sadness. When a child falls and hurts themselves or discovers the death of a loved pet, they go to the person in their life who, in their mind, can ease their pain: Their parents.

When my son hits his head or falls and scrapes his leg he cries and comes running to my wife or me. Our comfort eases his pain. Now, in all reality we have done nothing physically to cause the pain to cease, but the feeling of sympathy, safety and security eases his pain none the less.

When we loose a loved one to death or experience a break in a relationship we begin to mourn. The fact that Jesus used this term says a lot. You can mourn the loss of a pet or a loved one but no matter how strong the pain, God is always there to comfort you.

Just as a child runs to their parents, so we can run to God. He is our heavenly father. If a hug or a kiss from us can ease a child’s pain, how much greater is the power of God to ease our pain? Luke 5:31 says “Jesus answered them (the Pharisees) ‘It is the sick who need a doctor, not those who are in good health'”Jesus was called the great physician, not just because he healed the body, but the spirit too too. All we need to do is come before him.

now…go and live-happy.