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–what follows is a lyrical message. An examination of the world through song and thought.–

“I’m sick of all your rules. They’re so man-made. You treat them all like fools, you put my name to shame. I’m everything your not. I give them love. My ways you have forgot, you put yourselves above.”

As a group, the modern church is so engraned with rules and regulations that what was once a loving relationship is now a religion and dictatorship. “You must do this, you must be this way and you must do what we say” is the mantra of the modern church. Christ came into this world not with a condeming bang, but with a quiet whisper.  He grew in love and lived in love. He accepted and helped. He did not push people away because of their faults, rather he drew them closer in spite of those faults.

“Ill testify, its time to see religion die. The truth can’t lie, its time to see religion die.who cares who’s right, its time to see religion die. Ill crush the fight, its time to see religion die.”

I have spoken out adamantly, time and again about my distain for religion. Religion is not what christ taught. Religion is rules and regulations. Its what the pharasees and pious leaders of the day reveled in. They made the rules and enforced them in a iron fist mentality. there are still groups that do this today. It is time for religion to be abolished. Rules such as those held by hardcore religions have no place in what should be a loving relationship.

“The church is not inside your building walls. On sundays you all hide, while the world just falls. Now go into the world and destroy hell. You have authority, use it for the kill.”

Modern church has a faulty view of what fellowship means. Christ did not build churches or even command his followers to. He stood in open fields and hilltops and spoke about truths and love. Anyone was welcome. Young, old, rich or poor. Gay or straight. Man or woman. All christ asked is that they paid attention to his words. He never condemed them. The only time he went into a church to teach was when he had a message for the pharasees. Christ instructed his followers, rather to go into the world and teach to everyone. To undermind the devil at every point on the globe. Now, if you have a building for services, cool. But this doesnot make you the church or a church. David koresh had “a church”, but that didn’t make him a church.

Children come away with me. I want you all to be mine. I am taking back what’s mine and you’ve killed too much time with pointing all your fingers at your kids, that’s why they’re lost. Try to look deep in their eyes. You will see suicide. Blame it on yourself because no else will pay you price.”

We have wasted time and energy pointing out faults I each other and putting ourselves up on pedistals. There is a whole generation that has been taught that they are a waste. The don’t follow the rules of religion. The have peircings and tattoos and listen to metal. They accept people for who they are and love unconditionally. They are gay and straight and don’t hate others because they are. They know that no matter your choice of lifestyle or your skintone, you are loved. They also have learned that this is concidered wrong and they have a deep conflict. The generations before them have pounded rules into their heads. Rules that are faulty. As a result, life becomes hard to understand. This opens up the door for doubt and self loathing. We MUST end this cycle.

“Do not be afraid. Religion is manmade. Everything is ok. The rules have just been changed.”

Now…go live, go love and be truely christlike.


Little mary had a lamb
Who’s fleece was black as night
When mary went out with her lamb
Folks said it isn’t right

Jackie horner in the corner
With little boy blue
Mother hubbard had a cupboard
Where her ganja grew

Were dreaming of a fairy tale land
Where everyone is happy and things are right
Were not in a fairy tale world
We lock our doors up every night

Jack and jill went up that hill
Now jack is doing time
Jill is in the hospital
But the babys doing fine

All the kings and princes
Are screaming gun control
Oblivious that in the woods
Lies hansel and gretel

Were dreaming of a fairy tale world
Where everyone is happy and things are right
Were not in a fairy tale world
We lock our doors up every night

Were dreaming of a legendary land
Where everyone is nice and life is grand
But our kids hold eachother tight
Playing hide and seek with an evil man

What’s heppend to our stories?
What have we become?
It used to be immorality
Was driving fast and chewing gum.